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The "Xinshe Flower Sea" series of activities have been held since 1995 in Taiwan , and so far it has entered the 16th year. After the COVID-19 epidemic,we planned to make "Love You and Love the Mountain, Brilliant re-bloom in the City" as the theme, welcome the post-pandemic life with a vibrant and colorful sea of flowers, and attract people by creating a brand new flower sea landscape. Promoting the development of tourism industry in Taichung, further combine with the agri-tourism area, and lead people to deep dive into with the four-season arrangements, to enhance the regional agricultural economy and the  development of agri-tourism activities.


Sunflower Sea Area

After walking through the global epidemic,we use the sunflower as a symbol of embracing new life and freedom. With a planting area of 4 hectares,we sincerely hope you can feel the happiness and joyful life while walking through all these “little sunshines”.

Promotion of agricultural products of the Mountain cities in Taichung

The Xinshe that tourists come to is only a part of the Taichung’s surrounding mountain city. In order to let everyone know more about the whole area, this year, in addition to Xinshe's local Malipu agri-tourism Area and three associations, including Agri-tourism Guide Development Assn, the Bai Lengzhen Watershed Development Assn and the Xinshe Community Development Assn, we also invited  Softpond and hometown of Pear agri-tourism areas which both located in Dongshi Mountain City to exhibit their characteristic agricultural products together. At the same time, the Gardening Agricultural Production and Marketing Group is also invited to show how plants decorate and beautify the living space, so that tourists can not only appreciate the sea of flowers, but also have a deeper understanding of the hometown of the sea of flowers.


How to visit Xinshe 

免費接駁專車:free shuttle bus 
1.每日行駛:Daily shuttle bus
豐原線:Fengyuan shuttle line 
Fengyuan Transport Center ----Yangming Ziqiang Street intersection----Shigang Lover's bridge ----seaflower exhibition area
太原線:Taiyuan shuttle line 
Taiyuan Parking lot----Zhongxingling post office ----seaflower exhibition area
松竹線:Songzhu shuttle line 
Songzhu MRT station----Zhongxingling post office----seaflower exhibition area
2.假日行駛:Weekend only shuttle bus 
東勢線:Dongshi shuttle line 
Dongshi Riverside Park----seaflower exhibition area
會場環線:Venue loop 
seaflower exhibition area----Xinshe Environmental Park----Xinshe District office

----seaflower exhibition area

大眾運輸:Public Transportation 
高鐵:By HSR
Exit by Taichung HSR stain then Transport to Songzhu Station or Fengyuan station to take the shuttle bus 
台鐵:By train
Exit by Fengyuan stain then took the Fengyuan shuttle line  
捷運 By MRT
Exit by Songzhu station then took the Songzhu shuttle line
公車 By bus 
All No.91 No.264 No.265 No.270 No.271 All No.272 No.276 No.277 No.278 No.279

自行前往 Driving 
By car: 
1.Took the National highway No.4:Fengshi Interchange----Fengshi Rd.---- Hesheng St.----Dongxin rd.----Xinshe St.----Xiexing St.
----Huafeng St.---- Venue parking lot 
2. Start from Taichung city :Dongshan Rd.----Zhongxingling----Xiezhong St.----Huafeng St.---- Venue parking lot

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